The Art Kids of San Diego County - Teaching young people to become great artists.
About Us
    The TAKOSDC meet once a week for private lessons throughout the year. We meet at a public location throughout the south bay area. The program has changed as each of the Art Kids are now on scholarship. They are provided lessons and the basic art materials with only a $50.00 per year materials charge. 
   Working out in the open helps stimulate the creative juices and allows the kids the chance of being seen by the public. It also gets them used to working in the public eye and provides the confidence they need with their art. 
    The program is supported by one person throughout the year, the director and founder of the organization. It is his dream to help teach any artist who desires, the way to become a professional artist as a career. The Kids do have an angel watching over them as we have a corporate sponsor who donates great amounts of canvases.
     Since art is somewhat expensive we have made it so the lessons and advanced materials are included in the scholarship. The monetary value of this program is approximately $7,500.00 a year. One wishing to join the program must commit to attending class and participating in the group events.Space is limited and therefore one must show their willingness to be part of all activities. It is essential for one wishing to join must understand that this is a very unique program. It has already helped thirteen young artists, who are now professionals, fulfill their dreams. One may see their work throughout the south San Diego area.
      For six years we organized and hosted the Imperial Beach Art Walk which has helped raise money for the art programs around the South San Diego Area. This year T.A.K.O.S.D.C. Has started an annual exhibition at the Bonita Museum and Cultural Center. It has been a great success as many came to see and buy the art from the kids.
We have also started an organization within TAKOSDC which is a professional face painting group. During one event in 2016 these kids earned $550.00 for their efforts.
     We have had the privilege of working with Blick's Art Store in Little Italy and are the first group they have asked to display our work in their store. At present we are the only young artist organization which holds official status as artistic contractors for the cities of Imperial Beach, CA and Coronado, CA. We are also official contractors for the State of California. The kids have worked hard for this status and it is our hope to become artistic contractors throughout the San Diego County.
Locations and Times:
148  DAISY AVE Suite C
Sunday though Saturday
Time: By Appointment  

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