The Art Kids of San Diego County - Teaching young people to become great artists.

Dick Blick Art Materials
1844 India St.
San Diego, CA 92101
The best friend for the artist. Great Service, Great Prices and Great products. Now open, a Matting and
framing department.

Golden Acrylic paints are of the highest quality and the ones, "The Art Kids of San Diego County," choose to use when doing some serious painting. We use it for competition as it has the brightness needed to provide that edge. It is also used by the kids when they work on commissions. It is long lasting and stands out among any other artistic paint.

One of the best friends an artist could want. Building great products for artists to use and express their creativity. Thank you for your support of our program. A company that truly makes a difference in the Art World.

The Senor Corn is always the best roasted corn in the entire south land. Tony also offers his incredible baked potato stuffed with all the great fixings. Available every Friday at the Imperial Beach Farmers Market. For information call: (619)922-5818

Colorfin LLC  Makers of the Pan Pastel and soft tool art products. The best pastels we have come in contact with and used. Their products help create incredible pastel works of art.

Iwata is in my opinion the best manufacturer of air brush equipment. I have used an Iwata air brush and compressor for 7 years now and it has never let me down. They have the widest variety of air brushes to choose from and their top of the line is what most professionals use to create their great works of art.

Court Jones is a true friend to TAKOSDC as he is one of our guest instructors. He does seminars for us throughout the year on portrait painting and caricature drawing. He is one of the world's best caricature artists. His new work is indeed incredible as he expands his talents throughout the art world.

Aunt Ellen's Water
600 Palm Ave. Suite 101
Imperial Beach, CA 91932
Drinking water is one of the best ways to stay healthy. Drinking water from Aunt Ellen's Water is even better. Their process is indeed one of the best throughout the San Diego area and its purity and flavor will truly quench your thirst.

Woody's Auto Care
200 Palm Ave
Imperial Beach, CA 91932
Voted the best auto care business in the entire southbay area. Just ask for Chris  or Woody and they will take care of  all your automotive needs.

Suzie's Farm
The farm is located at 2570 Sunset Ave., San Diego, 92154 The farm has tours Tuesdays and Saturdays and is open 10:00 AM till 2:00 PM 
They grow some of the best organic vegetables in all of the San Diego area.
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